GTKRawGallery-0.9.6 is out!

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Linux 2.x
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GTKRawGallery-0.9.6 is out!

Messaggioda bit123 » ven set 24, 2010 16:37

GTKRawGallery is a workflow oriented photo retouching software with all necessary tools
to quickly process camera raw images. For this purpose GTKRawGallery holds
together the most powerfull open source software we have to work with 16 bit color depth images:
Dcraw, Imagemagick and Exiftool.

Some important features:
+ Image browser and manager;
+ Full featured Dcraw GUI for a fine-tuned raw image pre-processing;
+ Image modification tools for 16 bit/channel post-processing;
+ Batch conversion with single workflow applicable;
+ Batch Processor to speed up the workflow;
+ Fast tagging;
+ Advanced Metadata Editor with EXIF, IPTC and XMP write support(NEW);
+ Color Management (NEW);
+ Print support (NEW);

GTKRawGallery changelog

version 0.9.6
+ Color Management based on ICC profile;
+ Basic ICC profile inspector;
+ Ports to Python 2.6 (2.5 no long supported!);
+ PIL is deprecated! Added a check for numpy support on pygtk in order to replace PIL on Magickwand to GDKPixbuf transformation
with increased performance. It also permits to eliminate the dependence from PIL;
+ Gettext support;
+ Provided messages.pot file for translators (read TRANSLATORS file for more information);
+ Adds support for .bay, .bmq, .cs1, .dc2, .fff, .k25, .mos, .rdc, .sr2 and .rw2 raw formats;
+ Checks for dcraw lcms support;
+ Updated Pythonmagickwand and removed max version block;
+ Possibility to send photos by mail;
+ Possibility to store photos on CD/DVD (requires cdrtools);
+ Possibility to rename multiple files with pattern;
+ Print support;
+ Exif, iptc and xmp metadata write support;
+ New Tag Manager design with advanced metadata editor and custom templates;
+ New "Clear keywords" button was added to the Tag Manager;
+ Tag Manager multilanguage support;
+ Tag Manager was switched to the main thread;
+ Metadata informations were separated by group and customizable "Favorites" tab was added;
+ Some shortcuts were changed;
+ Smaller thumbnail size option provided;
+ More image effects (charcoal, sketch, tint, posterize, spread, negate, radial blur, motion blur, adaptive blur);
+ Curves;
+ White balance;
+ Color temperature adjustment;
+ White balance preset editor!
+ Auto white balance presets (looks for presets stored on metadata);
+ Synchronize database tool can recognize keywords stored as list type by Exiftool;
+ Improved cache control;
+ New About dialog;
+ Faster Directory Tree. It was rewritten for best performance;
+ Error Log dialog allowing to read debugging information;
+ Removed Exif tab on settings dialog;
+ Removed Fontchooser on settings dialog to avoid display issues with font's unsupported characters;
+ GIO File Monitor for directory tree auto-updating;
+ Exiftool interface was rewritten using the more convenient JSON format;
+ Faster Synchronize database tool;
+ Batch manager improvements;
+ Batch queue , settings, albums and templates are stored as soon as modified to save them from improvvise crashes;
+ New "sort by date" gallery option;
+ Improved dependencies control;
+ Statistics were moved near histogram;
+ Added progressbar during raw extraction;
+ Added uninstall-gtkrawgallery launcher;
+ Added Disconnect togglebutton on dcraw GUI;
+ Added Rotation option on dcraw GUI;
+ "Default Colors" button on preferences now restores rc style colors;
+ Fast gallery refresh when reducing thumbnail size, on delete, move functions and layout switching;
+ Other GUI improvements;
+ Copy and Move functions were protected from insufficient disk space error;
+ Fix the issue of different behaviour with some image effects between scaled and full sized image;
+ Fix a bug on X3F and DNG files with embedded thumbnails as .ppm format;
+ Fix a functional error on synchronize database tool;
+ Fix a bug on slideshow background color;
+ Fix a bug on layout 3 image label updating;
+ Fix selection delay;
+ Fix desktop file errors;
+ Fix loss of keywords when album is renamed;
+ Fix save button's sensitivity setting on image effects;
+ Fix wrong image size on statusbar with some raw formats;

Grazie a tutti!

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Re: GTKRawGallery-0.9.6 is out!

Messaggioda gohanz » lun set 27, 2010 21:37

Ho ricreato il nuovo pacchetto aggiornato per la Slackware 13.1, aspettiamo, ora, che Loris lo metta a disposizione. :thumbright:

Linux 2.x
Linux 2.x
Messaggi: 350
Iscritto il: dom nov 27, 2005 16:26
Località: Catania

Re: GTKRawGallery-0.9.6 is out!

Messaggioda bit123 » lun set 27, 2010 23:03

A dir poco stupefacente Gohanz. Grazie a tutti voi!