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 === Slackware 14.0 Rc3 Rc5 ===Tremate gente, tremate... è in arrivo Che sia la Slackware 14.0volta buona per la stable?  This is Here we go one more time with Slackware 14.0 release candidate 35. Really, and this time it is hopefully the last stopnot a drill! Everything is in place and on our long road ready to a stable Slackware release soon. After hearing thatat this point, and unless there's some kind of showstopper found (which doesn't seem too likely after all the 3.4.x kernel series will have long term support, I tested 3.4.9 hoping testing that it would prove stable enough to use that as 's happened), the release kernel, butcan be expected soon. there are problems with an oops in kernel/time/clocksource.c every few boots.After careful consideration and a considerable amount of internal Given that testing I did relent to give the kernel one more bump to 3.2.x series has been very stable29, it seems prudent to stick with that for release, and so of course 3.2.28 is going 30 was released a couple of hours ago. ;-) But that's not a showstopper, and it seems to be time to get off the release never-ending kernelupgrade treadmill until the next cycle begins. SoSpeaking of kernels,I added sample .configs for all the one more round of 3.x kernel branches in /testing. Let me know So test away, and if there are any new problems. Thanks(or old ones that we missed), let us know soon!
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