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a really bad shot of myself ;-) Linus Torvalds doesn't die, he simply returns zero.


I'm a slacky.eu community member: neither I am involved into the web site administration nor I'm a forum moderator. If you have any question about the web site/forum, please contact the administrator. If you need any information or help from the slacky.eu community, please join our forum (mostly in italian but english is welcome too). If you prefer it you can make a tour into our wiki (in italian only).


My name's Matteo Nunziati (aka absinthe) and this page collects some news about my scripts. Here you can find the latest information about my projects. I develop my programs in my spare time and they are FOSS released under the terms of the GNU License v.2.0. I maintain them to learn a bit more about bash and ash scripting and to share them with you! everyone is invited to collaborate as developer/tester/user!


03-08-2008: As I'm very busy in these days, I can't assure any new update of my tools. I'm currently running my slackware 12.1 just to make some acpi tests as I have to complete a brief howto on "energy management on slack". If you are searching for alternatives, I can say that the slackyd tool developed by another slacky.eu fellow seems a really good solution for tracepkg replacement (even if it is currently under serious development). On the other hand you can replace SSANotifier by using slapt-update-notifier. I can't say anything on it as I've never used it!
As last info I can say that SSANotifier is currently under test on my slack 12.1 box and, if time will be found, an updated version will be sent to the slacky.eu QA!



tracepkg is a bash script collection made to help Slackware administrators with the management of tgzs. It scans tgzs stored in the /var/log/packages directory and finds all their binary dependencies using ldd. tracepkg searches dependencies into the other installed tgzs. If a dependency is found, the related tgz is stored inside the /var/log/dependencies directory, instead, if the dependency is not found, the missing file is stored inside the /var/log/missing directory. Of course tracepkg doesn't substitute the administrator, as in the slackware philosophy (or in a sort of).tracepkg is NOT another tool for dependency resolution, it's just a tool that helps the administrator.

download it now and provide your feedback!


05-04-2008: I apologize for the delayed v.1.1.0-stable. some checks have to be performed and they require _a lot_ of time, which I have not actually. the project is stable enough and the only "dark area" is the unattended behaviour. all here found bugs are minor ones!
24-02-2008: version 1.1.0rc2 is out!
23-02-2008: version 1.1.0rc2 has been submitted to slacky.eu supervision!


known bugs
safe-and-known issues


ssanotifier automates the downloading/checking/upgrading of slackware's security fixes. It runs as a daemon in the background and pops up when a new security fix is available. ssanotifier is written in ash. You can run it in your terminal or under kde. In the former case ssanotifier will use an userfriendly dialog-based interface, in the latter it will use kde utilities to report the latest security fix!

download it now and provide your feedback!


05-04-2008: version 0.90.4 has been submitted to slacky.eu QA! isn't this ASAP? :-)
05-04-2008: there is a bug in version 0.90.3 which causes a downgrade of cups security fixes. please remove the old cups v.1.2.x from the patches repository (/var/log/patches) and be sure you have cups 1.3.x installed in your system. I'll fix the bug ASAP!
08-03-2008: version 0.90.3 has been submitted to slacky.eu QA!


known bugs
SSANotifier How-To


ssanotifer under KDE 3.5.x
ssanotifer under GNOME 2.20.x
ssanotifer under a terminal (shell mode)


rc.inet1.smart is a script I've done for my laptop as I was frustrated by the slackware way of wireless management. I'm used to work on a laptop in different places like my home, 2 different offices and some other random places. I don't like the idea of gui wireless managers, so I've written my small extension to slackware net framework. It is just a piece of code tailored for my laptop, even if it can run on your laptop out of the box, it has been uploaded just to provide a base for _your_ implementation of a dynamic wireless setup.
rc.inet1.smart is able to scan the network at start up, searching for known wifi nets. If no known net is found at all it tries to set up a dhcp connection using the wired nic. Networks-encription keys pairs are stored at the top of the file into 2 (b)ash arrays. you need to edit those fields according to your needs in order to make the script useful to you.
The code is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind an it is distributed under the BSD license. Hack it and enjoy it! ;-)


As root.
Copy it in your /etc/rc.d directory.
Enable it by: chmod 775 /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.smart.
Change owner by: chown root:root /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.smart
edit the /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 file and add the following call inside the "read network config file" section immedialty under the "./etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf" line: . /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.smart

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