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Slax: arriva la ver.7!

Inviato: lun 17 set 2012, 18:23
da kanzy
Ecco l'annuncio di Tomas via email:

Hello dear Slax user,

I'm writing to you since you registered at Slax
website ( some time ago.

I'm happy to announce that Slax got financial
support and I'm now working on a next major
update, Slax version 7. There are no IFs
or BUTs, I'm working on it almost fulltime
and the plan is to release Slax 7 within
the next few months.

That's it, that's the message I wanted
to share.

The next version of Slax, the version 7,
will be a major update. It will be available
for both 32bit and 64bit architectures,
in 50 languages. Furthermore, I'm considering
ARM architecture as well (waiting for my
Raspberry IP computer).

There is a huge amount of Linux distributions
based on Slax already. I'm sure that the new
release is going to determine the direction
of many other projects in the future.

I'll post regular progress updates on my blog and I'll seek there for your
comments and your suggestions! So if you are
interested, make sure to check that page often.

Please share this on your facebook and other
social media, so that every Slax fan can
participate in the brainstorming :)

Thank you very much!

Re: Slax: arriva la ver.7!

Inviato: mar 18 set 2012, 8:32
da ZeroUno
era ora... Mi serviva qualche anno fa (in cui con slax ci lavoravo)