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  === Repository per Slackware 14.0 Rc3 disponibile ===Tremate gente, tremate... è in arrivo la ''9 Ottobre 2012'' È disponibile il repository di pacchetti per Slackware 14.0(32bit e 64bit). This is Lo Staff <hr class="linehome"> === Slackware 14.0 release candidate 3, and is hopefully the last stopl'attesa è finita! ===''26 Settembre 2012'' on our long road to a stable Slackware release soon. After hearing that the 3.4.x kernel series will have long term supportYes, I tested 3.4.9 hoping that it would prove stable enough to use is that as the release kernel, but there are problems with an oops in kernel/time/clocksource.c every few boots.again! Given that the 3.2.x series has been very stableAfter well over a year of planning, it seems prudent to stick with that for releasedevelopment, and 3.2.28 testing, the Slackware Linux Project is going proud to be announce the latest stable release kernel. So,of the longest running distribution one more round of testingthe Linux operating system, Slackware version 14. Let me know if there are any problems. Thanks0[[Slackware_14.0_release_announcement|Annuncio ufficiale della nuova release]]
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